foreword, PREFACE and contents , 1 Chapter One: THE SOLUTION OF LEGAL PROBLEMS AND THE FILLING OF LACUNAE, 3 Chapter Two: INTERPRETATION, 27 Chapter Three: "RELIGIOUS" LAW IN THE COURTS, 69 Chapter One: LEGISLATION, 93 Chapter Two: CUSTOM, 95 Chapter Three: FOREIGN LAW, 103 Chapter Four: PRECEDENT, 109 Chapter Five: CIRCUMVENTION AND FICTION, 114 Chapter Six: LEGAL COMPLEXITY, 119 Chapter Six: LEGAL COMPLEXITY, 120 Chapter Nine: CONDUCT IN TIMES OF WAR, 135 Chapter One: HOLDERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE, 137 Chapter Two: PUBLIC AUTHORITIES, 169 Chapter Three: CIVIL RIGHTS, 198 Chapter Four: EDUCATION AND WELFARE, 220 Chapter Five: TAXES, 237 Chapter One: THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, 241 Chapter Two: CIVIL PROCEDURE, 292 Chapter Three: CRIMINAL PROCEDURES, 316 Chapter One: GENERAL, 339 Chapter Two: EVIDENCE IN CIVIL CASES, 379 Chapter Three: EVIDENCE IN CRIMINAL CASES, 396 Chapter One: GENERAL PRINCIPLES, 421 Chapter Two: MENTAL ELEMENT, 435 Chapter Three: DEFENCES, 443 Chapter Five: EXTRADITION, 453 Chapter Six: OFFENCES, 455 Chapter Seven: PUNISHMENT, 482 CONTENTS - VOLUME TWO, 513 Chapter One: GENERAL, 515 Chapter Two: TORTS, 542 Chapter Three: BURDEN OF PROOF, 577 Chapter Four: REMEDIES, 578 Chapter One: RESOLVE TO ENTER INTO CONTRACT, 593 Chapter Two: UNDECLARED INTENTION OF PARTIES, 604 Chapter Three : GOOD FAITH, 608 Chapter Four: FRAUD AND DECEIT, 617 Chapter Five: DURESS, 619 Chapter Six: FORBIDDEN CONTRACT, 633 Chapter Seven: FRUSTRATION , 649 Chapter Eight: REMEDIES FOR BREACH, 650 Chapter Nine: INTERPRETATION OF DOCUMENTS , 654 Chapter Ten: SPECIAL CONTRACTS, 662 Chapter Eleven: SERVITUDES, 669 Chapter Twelve: GUARANTEES, 670 Chapter Thirteen: AGENCY, 674 Chapter Fourteen: BAILEES, 683 Chapter Fifteen: EQUITY — THE VOLUNTEER, 690 Chapter One: MODES OF ACQUISITION, 703 Chapter Two: HIRE, 717 Chapter Three: PROPRIETARY RIGHTS, 727 Chapter Four: SERVITUDES, 734 Chapter Five: CONCEALMENT OF ASSETS, 743 Chapter Six: MARKET OVERT, 749 Chapter Seven: COURT SALES, 752 Chapter Eight: DECEIT, 754 Chapter Nine: PATENTS, 758 Chapter Ten: LOST PROPERTY, 759 Chapter One: PARTNERSHIP, 771 Chapter Three: INTEREST, 790 Chapter Four: BANKRUPTCY, 809 Chapter One: MASTER AND SERVANT RELATIONSHIP, 817 Chapter Two: custom, 819 Chapter Three: DUTIES OF EMPLOYER, 820 Chapter Four: DUTIES OF EMPLOYEE, 829 Chapter Five: COMPENSATION, 831 Chapter One: RULES OF INTERPRETATION, 851 Chapter Two: WORDS AND PHRASES, 871 INDICES , 947
קרוב רחוק
לדוגמה: הגינות
מילים נרדפות: תום לב, יושר, צדק
מורפולוגיה מורחבת: הגינות, הגינותם, הגינותו
הוגן, הגון, מהוגן
מורפולוגיה רגילה: הגינות, הגינותם, הגינותו
ללא מורפולוגיה: הגינות
לדוגמה: פרס
שמות: לפרס (אבל לא פרסים)